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What is the return on investment for the company?

According to a study conducted for the International Coach Federation by Walter Cooper Price, the R.O.I.* from coaching can reach up to 787%.
(* = R.O.I. return on investment)

I am company executive, why use a coach?

The 3 paradoxes of the manager:

According to Vincent Lenhardt, there are three paradoxes plaguing the manager, "the first is that when he faces problems, he thinks himself obliged to resolve them himself, the second is that the people close to him who can assist are too involved to do so with objectivity and finally the third paradox is that he becomes less competent with those people with whom he is facing these problems.

1) The problem of the manager is that the more he grows within the company, that is to say more he rises in rank as well as in responsibility, the more he thinks he must fend for himself. He has several tasks and to fail at one of them would be very hard for the manager to shoulder. Also, he can not ask for help because he thinks that it would undermine his position, his status within the hierarchy. The leader feels alone. The act of hiring a coach does not mean that there is incompetence; on the contrary, it is simply a desire to reach a higher level of performance. The manager, for his part sees it as a sign of weakness.

2) The other paradox of the manager is that in the first instance he is, as says V. Lenhardt, a "fantasy", that is to say that he is perceived by those around him as a responsible person with significant powers and this affects his relationship with others. On the other hand those close to him who want to help are not always competent enough in his field to be impartial and their understanding is not objective enough.

3) The final paradox of the manager is that it is almost impossible for him to manage his team or a relationship with a colleague with whom he encounters difficulties. It is at this point where the use of a third party to re-establish communication is necessary.