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Collective Intelligence – Professional Co-development – Leadership and management –
Co-development of vision – Relational communication – Confidence and motivation

What is coaching?

Professional coaching gives support to individuals or teams to develop their potential and their expertise in the professional framework of objectives.

Why is taking care of your teams important ?

This simple video shows how it is essential to "take care of the goose before the egg." Similarly, in a business, if you want to get meaningful and lasting results from the men and women who work there, the leader has to focus all his attention on his staff in order to motivate them to develop their potential and to use their individual assets in a manner that is exponentially co-creative. The overall energy produced from this process will yield better than expected results, which are often brilliant and which certainly increase over time.  

How long?
One session (which is rare) or several months (most common) but not years, coaching creates autonomy, not dependency. Some coaches require two or three initial sessions before committing themselves for a longer term. The main thing is that things are clear at the outset and that the specific duration of the coaching has been agreed upon. The duration of a coaching session depends on the coach and the situation, and is usually between 1/2h to 3h.