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Collective Intelligence – Professional Co-development – Leadership and management –
Co-development of vision – Relational communication – Confidence and motivation

My speaker

Crystel Croeisaerdt, Company Coaching (Essor School, Transformational movement).

Hello, I created the company 5 Stars Vision.
Having always been passionate by individuals and their development, I decided to devote my energy
to those wishing to combine professional success and wellness.

About me

Graduate in Marketing, I started my professional career at Fortis Bank as a business consultant.
Then I worked as a B2B Account Manager for the corporate sector.

I received my training in coaching from the Essor School and specialized in group phenomena analysis.

When coaching companies, I work within the context of ‘goal reaching’, facilitating the launch and completion of new projects, instilling cooperation within teams and offering training courses on various subjects whose essence are centered around collective intelligence. I also provide development programs for managers centered on objectives and strengthening their position as leader.

My focus

"People at the heart of the company"

In my desire to combine performance and well-being at work, I specialized in the principles of ‘transformational and collective intelligence’ from the Vincent Lenhardt school ( "coach & Team").

‘Coach & Team’ is a Certificated professional training course in coaching; change management; and the implementation of collective intelligence within organizations.

The training includes a variety of business psychology disciplines such as sociology, systemics and transactional analysis.

It thoroughly prepares its students for the complexities of a company, enabling effective intervention at the levels of:

• the Individual (Individual coaching, executive coaching).
• the Team (team building, team coaching).
• the Organization (developing organizations, collective intelligence).

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