Brussels Business Coaching

Collective Intelligence – Professional Co-development – Leadership and management –
Co-development of vision – Relational communication – Confidence and motivation

Individual Coaching

Our coaching is a program of accompaniment, which fosters the emergence of individual ability and the realization of objectives.
Similar to a high-level athlete, the head of a company (or manager) must be able perform at his best. The role of coaching encourages the individual to reconsider his view on himself, on others and on the situation he or she is faced with.  Only then can he or she activate untapped resources, adopt new behaviors and new ways of viewing certain realities.

Examples of individual coaching.

Performance coaching:
Coaching designed around managerial situations, such as: starting a new position or job description, building a team, launching a complex project, stress management, effective delegation, developing ones’ assertiveness, active listening skills...
Also, enabling a leader to stimulate his staff’s involvement at work valuing the strengths of his employees, how to manage restructuring, recruitment, etc ...

Crisis coaching:
For dealing with unforeseen events that need to be resolved quickly by the person in charge. Coaching will create a personal environment allowing for thoughtful reflection, feedback and support.

Coaching as support:
Through this process of coaching, individuals finding themselves confronted with a difficult personal situation will be guided into a space that facilitates honest and open dialogue, assistance and personal development.

Personal development coaching:
Allows the client to cope more harmoniously with changes in a job, type of work, personal vision or values. The process will also assist in building a new professional identity, finding and developing personal talents, or changing personal behaviours and beliefs.

Ownership coaching:
Like any learning process, real-life applied contexts remain a critical and necessary step. To facilitate the transfer of newly incorporated tools into the field, we offer coaching in ownership as a follow up.